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If you are looking for and appreciate outstanding quality in fine furniture and custom cabinetry you've come to the right place at Wallenfang Custom Woodwork.


We are designers, cabinetmakers and furniture builders creating beauty, integrity and lasting quality with wood, focused on quality that leaves nothing to want.  We build the kinds of things that people will have for the rest of their lives and will be a joy for generations to come.  Whether is a set of kitchen cabinets, a single piece of furniture or an entire houseful, we consistently perform beyond expectations and will do the same for your project, wherever it may be.  Working with Homeowners, Business owners,  Architects, Interior Designers and Building contractors, we can bring any concept to life.




We hope you'll look further at some of our past work and at a few studio pieces that are available for purchase.  Please, if you have any questions about projects we may be able to help you with, give us a call or drop us a line.  We welcome your inquiries.  Also, check back from time to time, as there will be new offerings as they come off the bench.




Craftsman and designer Nolan Wallenfang, has been building solid wood hand made furniture and cabinetry professionally since 1983.  Educated in fine art, design and furniture production, he has been operating Wallenfang Custom Woodwork since 1990.


Our shop is located in Green Lake, Wisconsin, home of the deepest lake in the state.  While many of the homes on this beautiful lake are graced with work completed by Wallenfang Custom Woodwork, our work has also found its way into homes and businesses throughout the Mid-West and beyond.  

We have and will continue to travel anywhere our expertise is requested.


We use sustainable lumber from local sources and are pleased to offer you unique eco-friendly solutions to your custom furniture and cabinet needs.  


Sometimes the lumber we use is yours, a tree that came down on your garage or one that you played in as a child. More often it comes from our inventory of local and sustained Wisconsin hardwoods.  The lumber we use is cut and seasoned by us or is done locally.  As a result, we end up with lumber of greater character and quality, lumber that is processed less and travels less distance to get to us, generally it is from trees that come down for reasons other than commercial logging.  It's the kind of lumber that you'd never find in the lumber yard, the kind of lumber with character that demands to be part of the process, not just a material to be imposed upon.


Endlessly beautiful, inspiring and responsive in the right hands, this type of lumber is an outstanding choice for creating warm and inviting spaces.  Wallenfang Custom Woodwork is an equally perfect choice for transforming  wood's natural organic character into useful, soulful, beautiful and enduring forms.



Inspired by the many great thinking craftsmen that have gone before, we are experts at combining beauty and exceptional design with function in a wide variety of styles and local hardwoods.  Though we strive for simplicity and purity, the elements of our construction methods speak of fine pieces that will be handed down for generations.


Whether you're looking for a single piece of furniture or a well seasoned cabinetmaker to build you an entire houseful, you've found the right spot at Wallenfang Custom Woodwork.



Fine quality, defined by the use of superior lumber, traditional joinery methods, meticulous fit and modern, environmentally responsible finishes are benchmarks that Wallenfang Custom Woodwork strives to use in all we build.  

Below you'll find a short selection of our work.  Be sure to visit the rest of the site for more.
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